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Internships in Hospitality, Tourism and Events Internships

Do Like to travel? A virtual internship in hospitality, tourism, and events for is ideal for you.

Looking for a skill to set you apart from the competition on your resume? An internship abroad is one of the best ways to improve your resume and abilities in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

You will get a top international internship placement in the travel and hospitality sector with a wide range of options across the globe. For more information, read on and register with us at TAG right away.

Hospitality tourism and events internships

Interns are assigned to some of the most popular locations in the globe. Come work as an intern at a boutique hotel, a European chain, or a sizable hotel that focuses on tennis or golf.

Candidates get experience in a range of sectors, including catering, room services, administration, and event planning, as well as guest services and reception (if their language skills are sufficient for this). These are some of the top internships in hospitality that are currently available.

The majority of foreign travel agencies welcome interns! Intern with a company that specialises in extreme tourism in Chile; look for internships in eco-tourism in Costa Rica. The interns in Uruguay travel every day to the airport, and the various capital hotels, and then join the tourists on their tours. Assist in organising unforgettable adventure vacations for youth groups.

Anyone interested in internships in travel or tourism can find plenty of opportunities in these popular tourist locations. We promise that an international internship in tourism and hospitality will put you on the proper professional path.

Hospitality & tourism internship scope areas

Inspiring interns may work in any of the following (or other) fields during their hospitality & tourism internship, depending on their internship needs and the open internship slots in our partner firms.

Housing & facilities:

One of the most well-known segments of the hospitality industry is housing and accommodations. Which includes several functions like housekeeping, guest services, sales management, and human resource management.

Management of food and beverages:

In a hospitality establishment, this discipline largely entails placing orders for, controlling the storage of, and managing food and beverage products. Professionals in this field may hold positions as lead chefs, catering supervisors, kitchen managers, restaurant managers, bar managers, etc.

Tourism and travel

The travel and tourism sector, which is thought of as the largest segment of the hospitality and tourism industry, deals with luring, transporting, amusing, and housing guests. Professionals in the travel and tourism industry also plan and run trips.

Event Planning:

A rapidly expanding area in the hospitality industry is event management. Event managers often plan and manage fundraisers, weddings, conferences, concerts, theatre performances, and other events. Other professions available in this industry include house management and venue management.

List of hospitality, tourism & event Internship

To land the greatest job after college, having relevant work experience is essential. Because of this, many degrees in hospitality include professional internships.

Benefits of hospitality, tourism & event Internship

Additionally, it will improve your interpersonal and communication skills, flexibility, and teamwork. Moreover, help you cultivate a friendly and optimistic attitude - all qualities required for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

Since you will frequently be working with clients from many cultural origins. Multicultural awareness and sensitivity are also essential for success in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Therefore, a hospitality and tourism internship will provide you with the opportunity to experience and immerse yourself in the culture of your host nation. While enjoying her foods, sites, and attractions in addition to obtaining crucial job experience and professional contacts.

Additionally, you will have the chance to socialise with locals, co-workers, clients, and individuals from various cultures. Moreover, learn a new language and communicate with them, all of which can offer you a competitive edge in the job market for your profession.

Best companies for tourism & hotel management internships

Internship opportunities are widely available for students majoring in tourism and hotel management. These businesses assist the students in gaining real-world experience by allowing them to work with genuine projects, issues, and business restrictions while being guided by professionals.

Interns almost always have access to a variety of chances that enable them to learn something new every day. The following are some of the top businesses that provide top-notch internships to students studying tourism and hotel management:

● Marriott International is a pioneer in the hospitality industry globally. With 7,600+ hotels and 30 top hotel brands, Marriott International is present in 133 countries and territories.

● IHG is a renowned hotel chain with more than 9,100 hotels and resorts in approximately 100 nations. It delivers a fantastic practical experience and a well-regarded working atmosphere. IHG has various departments, such as Facilities, Sales, Human Resources, etc.

● One of the most well-known hotel brands in India is the Taj Hotel, which has locations in all the major cities. Students studying tourism and hotel management can also participate in an internship program to work in the best hospitality industry.

How hospitality experience impacts your employability

An important return on investment for a degree in the hospitality business is employability.

This is where the internship comes in, as it gives your resume a valuable embellishment that is sure to catch the attention of potential companies looking for hires who can jump right in.

The connections you make and the network you develop while working for your employer(s) are equally crucial because they frequently open the door to your first employment following graduation.

What do hospitality interns do?

The number of internship programs incorporated into the degree program will have a significant impact on the response to this question. Two distinct internships are required for the hospitality bachelor's degree in semesters two and five.

As a result, there is a logical progression: during your first internship, you will be assigned to an operational setting. Providing you with a thoroughly realistic, day-to-day context in which to use the skills and competencies you acquired during your first, operations-focused semester of study.

It is an opportunity (and a prerequisite) to take on a more senior position in the hotel management chain of command or the industry sector. You are seeking your future career when it comes to your second internship, with a year of academic study behind you.

Applying for hospitality, tourism and event Internship

Once you have chosen the hotel or business to apply to, you should create a cover letter with the following details:

Your contact information should be at the top of a cover letter that is no longer than one page.

What can you learn from a hotel internship?

The internship is a crucial rite of passage for many students pursuing hospitality degrees because it is often their first real work experience. It also enhances your resume when it comes time to launch your hospitality career.

Your choice of the role will determine what operational skills you develop. However, you will always improve your soft skills, such as problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

The opportunity to experience living in other nations is another benefit of internships. We encourage our students to choose internships outside of their home countries and campus locations whenever possible.

Because we think that getting to know new places is the best way to develop the intercultural fluency and language skills that are highly valued in the international hospitality, tourism and event industry.

How do I get an internship at a hotel?

By contacting a hotel directly, you may be able to land an internship if you are not overly picky about your brand or location.

However, there are many valid reasons to complete an internship as part of a hospitality degree at a prestigious institution. These consist of:

1. Increase your options

The best hospitality schools have specialised internship teams who can offer students a variety of possibilities to choose from.

2. The ability to purchase the most prominent brands

High-end hotel operators determine their success or failure based on the level of service they provide. Therefore, it stands to reason that they look for suitable interns at the top universities.

3. Becoming more organised

The working world is difficult and difficult, especially for a young individual who just graduated from high school. Before you start your internship, you have a solid foundation in operational operations through the conventional hospitality degree curriculum.


No matter how practical and business-focused your education. There is nothing that compares to the chance to put what you've learned into practice in a real-world professional setting. There are many advantages to a hospitality, tourism, and event internship program. But the most significant is the work experience itself.

It doesn't mean getting your dream job is simple. You still need to do well in your interview. However, you shouldn't undervalue the importance of getting your "foot in the door."

Your ideal internship may be your first step to securing your first job

Start your internship application and enhance your employability skills at host companies around the world