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Business Internships

Do you know you want to work in business but are unsure of how to start? An internship is one of the best methods to kick-start your career. Finding business internships abroad might raise the bar on that experience and AfI (a TAG company) are here to facilitate that for you.

The best part is that you can gain academic credit while enhancing your abilities in areas like creative problem-solving, intercultural communication, and everything in between. Even though taking on an international business internship may seem intimidating, with a little perseverance, you can find possibilities to advance your career.

Check out these fantastic Business internships abroad for college students. The days of selling cookies from door to door in your community are long gone. Business, sales, and marketing are now worldwide endeavours. There is no better way to gain the international commerce and experience you need for a successful business career than through business internships abroad.

Internships in international business provide college students and fresh graduates the fantastic chance to receive a first-hand look at the real working world. You'll push yourself outside your comfort zone and drive yourself to view business (and the world) from an entirely new perspective by taking an internship outside of your home country.

What is the best overseas internship for students studying international business?

1. Experience local business

You will have a thorough learning experience because of our emphasis on classroom learning as well. You won't only be working during your internship. It is one of the greatest internships available for business students because of these factors.

Great internship opportunities are available for business management students during the IES summer program in London. Participants can also attend seminars and develop their future global leadership skills while working as an intern for a local company.

2. Watch stocks

Consider the program offered if you're interested in finance internships. You'll be able to get knowledge of Asian business management techniques while working with some of the top corporations and accounting and finance organisations.

This is one of those international business internship programs that allow interns to actively participate in initiatives for companies that involve financial planning as well as personal growth and training.

3. Improve Your Sales Skills

How you spin anything is the key to business. You might wish to consider a marketing internship if you enjoy the rush of the sale and the story (also known as marketing). They are a strong contender for providing some of the greatest business internships for college students because of their dedication to student development.

4. Invest in Sustainability

A sustainable business succeeds. Because more and more customers want to invest in businesses that care about the future. Moreover, businesses that invest in developing sustainable practices and products continue to prosper. A business internship in Ghana with ELI Abroad can be the ideal fit for business students or recent graduates who share these values.

For local businesses and organisations, this program encourages its business interns to create and implement sustainable business ideas. This not only gives you priceless experience but also enables you to give back to the neighbourhood in which you are immersed. A bonus would be program trips and an emphasis on ecotourism.

5. Finance internships abroad

The salesman won't pass away any time soon. So, if you're hoping to get some product sales experience?

The staff of this program takes extra care to match you with an internship that will match your interests, needs, and abilities. Additionally, you'll get the chance to reside in Cape Town, one of the most amazing towns on earth! There's not much better than this sunny retreat to a work experience of a lifetime in a place known for both its natural beauty and its bustling city life.

6. Immerse Yourself

For those up for an immersive journey but not scared to jump in headfirst, accountancy or business internships can be a good option for you. You can choose an internship in Madrid, Seville, or Barcelona that best fits your academic interests and professional aspirations. They provide excellent internships for those studying business management.

Adelante forces its students into a total immersion internship role where Spanish is the only language spoken right after a two-week rigorous language training. As a result, you'll not only obtain practical experience but also master the Spanish language!

7. Work Hard, Play Hard

The renowned, fast-paced business internships abroad were designed for college students and recent grads who are passionate about learning. It makes sense that it's among the top internships for business students.

This internship might be the perfect fit for the more ambitious business intern who isn't scared to work hard and gain limitless networking possibilities and global exposure abroad.

8. Aim for Innovation

Intern in business, a city that honours the past while eagerly anticipating the future. The business internships abroad offered are ideal for students who want to work for organisations that are at the forefront of marketing and business innovation.

This program provides you with all the tools you need to succeed while also allowing you to function independently when you need to as a business intern. You may be guaranteed an internship position in a top firm that will teach you everything you need to know about the industry recognized by companies like Ikea, H&M, and Volvo.

9. Live the Lucky Life of the Irish

You won't just drop in for a couple of weeks before leaving for home with a marketing and public relations internship. This program encourages its interns to take part in ongoing initiatives and campaigns, providing you the ability to immerse yourself fully in the learning process.

Where do you submit your internship application?

While many employers demand that applicants submit their internship applications using an online portal. Some ask that you provide your paperwork via email. Observe the listing's submission instructions to the letter.

If the email address is generic, get in touch with the business or look for the recipient. Include the name of the internship you're applying for in the subject line if they don't specify any particular email formatting.

Last but not least, make sure your email address is formal and ideally includes both your first and last name.

How to customise your cover letter and resume for an internship

It's critical to update your resume because a hiring manager will frequently base their decision on a compelling resume and cover letter. If you lack relevant experience, don't be concerned; hiring managers are aware that you are searching for an internship to develop knowledge in the sector.

How to modify your CV and cover letter for your potential internship is covered in the following advice.

1. Be descriptive

Your CV is where you may highlight your greatest academic and professional achievements. So don't be hesitant to go into depth. Include your duties as they pertain to the internship you're looking for along with your work title and date of employment.

2. Keep it concise and relevant

Research the exact responsibilities or abilities that each organisation desires from an intern based on the job description. After that, relate those areas to your successes and experiences. For instance, you may have learned the complexities of customer service from your work as a cashier, which you might use for community outreach or sales internship.

3. Ensure the format is easy to skim

Create your resume in a way that is simple to read. The most crucial information is made more visible with the aid of bullet points. Other strategies for ensuring readability include adopting a straightforward typeface, clearly splitting parts, and emphasising the top third of your resume.

4. Make each cover letter unique

When applying for internships , a strong cover letter might make all the difference. This is your chance to show off your personality, your passion, your abilities, your successes, and your writing skills.

Explaining how your background and personality make you a good fit for this internship and company can help you personalise and professionally present yourself in your cover letter.

5. Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm

Employers seek motivated and enthusiastic interns. They want someone eager to work with them. By outlining your enthusiasm for the organisation and/or your function, you can accentuate your enthusiasm.


Finding a business internship abroad is the best option for you if you're hoping to land a job in the international market! You will have the chance to experience many various cultures in addition to gaining high-quality professional experience.

You will significantly enhance your communication abilities and understanding of how to engage with individuals from all over the world by securing a business internship abroad

Your ideal internship may be your first step to securing your first job

Start your internship application and enhance your employability skills at host companies around the world