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Creative, Design & Fashion Internships

Why not travel overseas if you've ever wanted to do an internship in creative, design, or fashion? Internships can position you in the midst of it all with internships in the world's fashion design capitals, renowned design districts, and the centres of artistic movements.

A practical international internship in fashion design is the only sure way to get your foot in the door of the fashion industry. Placements in fashion design can be found in a wide range of positions, including design, manufacturing, product quality control and many others.

Interning in the fashion industry will teach you all there is to know about high-end clothes design, including drawing, sewing, draping, tagging, pattern making, colour, and other elements.

Here in this post, you will get to know all about creative, design and fashion internships. Moreover, how to apply for an internship? We at TAG are here to help you.

Creative, design, and fashion Internship

The creative industries are described by UNESCO as "industries that integrate the invention, production, and sale of items that are intangible and cultural in nature." The creative, design, and fashion profession sector includes a wide range of places within these industries.

These materials, which can be products or services, are normally covered by copyright protection. The Creative, Design, and Fashion professional category allows interns to either discover the financial side of the creative industries or showcase their creative abilities, depending on their interests and career aspirations.

Essential transferable skills for creative, design, and fashion careers


This is conveyed by the professional field name, but it is crucial to bring it to administrative and artistic tasks.

Interpersonal competence

It will take tremendous skill to assist many stakeholders to work with vendors, business departments, customers, and more.


The career paths in the creative sectors are frequently more limited. It takes a lot of initiative to come up with fresh concepts, launch businesses or initiatives, and other things.

Types of Internships

Having a wide range of technical and artistic abilities is one of the best things about majoring in design and fashion. Additionally, even though design is thought of as largely a creative field, these abilities can be useful in a variety of occupations.

Interning is the best approach to determine which job is ideal for you. This will provide you with some insight into various career options and the kind of practical experience that will help you stand out as a candidate after graduation.

Here are some of the most common creative, design, and fashion internships:

1. Graphic design intern

You will have the chance to learn about graphic design, a profession devoted to expressing ideas graphically, through an internship in the area. You will help with technical duties as a graphic design intern, including making hard and soft copy files, producing reports, and mailing, printing, and stuffing items.

Additionally, you'll attend meetings, create datasets, shadow a graphic designer, and help the design team with imaginative work associated with ongoing projects.

Your internship will teach you how to translate innovative ideas into workable solutions. You'll also get the ability to think quickly and stay organised in a deadline-driven workplace.

2. UX design intern

A UX design internship focuses on the user experience, which is referred to as UX in UX design. You will gain knowledge during your internship about what it takes to make a specific website's user experience as seamless, simple, cosy, and all-around fantastic as possible.

You will develop a responsive app or digital product design as an intern. You will gain a clear understanding of the knowledge and work that go into each stage of the UX design process.

3. Interior design intern

You will become familiar with the many abilities and technicalities needed for an interior design career through an internship. You will be involved in all elements of the role, from taking notes during client meetings to organising and coordinating documents, visiting vendors, and responding to emails.

Additionally, you'll help with the actual design process while learning how to modify concepts based on client preferences, financial constraints, and overall viability. You can use this experience to determine whether you have the motivation and aptitude needed to succeed as a full-time interior designer.

4. Fashion design intern

An internship in fashion design gives you access to the industry's inner workings. This internship will provide you with a thorough understanding of every aspect of clothing design and production, from fabric cutting to model fittings and managing the logistics of fashion shows. This experience will help you develop the abilities you need to work in the fashion industry, whether you work for a small fashion house or a major retailer.

Skills you need

Let's discuss some of the crucial qualities and skills you need to possess to thrive and secure any fashion internship.

What you'll do during an internship in fashion and design

You should have a plan for the part of the fashion business you want to investigate before starting your internship search. This will probably be something that fits with your degree coursework for pupils. Consider an industry that fascinates you or where you have expertise when it comes to others.

Some fashion internship duties may include...

Career option after fashion designing

Fashion design is an art that involves creating visually appealing garments and accessories. There are other aspects of fashion design besides creating artistic clothing. The fashion industry has experienced a startling rise in popularity, like other industries. People are a lot more precise about fashion now.

Consequently, the sector has more openings for fashion designers. Following fashion design, you have the following employment alternatives.

Apply for Creative, Fashion & Design internships:

It can be difficult to secure an internship at a renowned fashion house or with a well-known designer. You must work extremely hard and be sufficiently inventive. Students from several fashion institutes apply each year for internships in the fields that interest them.

As a result, the journey may be ambiguous and you may be repeatedly welcomed or refused. However, you must be persistent and keep moving forward until you realise your goal. Here, we provide information on how to apply for an internship in fashion design.

● As a student, you must begin looking into potential internship locations. Due to the digitalization of the world, you can search for internships on relevant websites and social media platforms as well.

● Students need to remember that the fashion industry is extremely competitive and demands a brilliant creative person. To think creatively, you must be creative enough.

● The foundation of every designer is their portfolio. You must create a stunning creative portfolio that will amaze the person viewing it. A strong probability of landing internships with reputable fashion businesses or designers is provided by a creative portfolio.

● If marketing is your strong suit, you should apply for internships with stores like Zara, Burberry, Lifestyle, Pantaloons, etc.

● You can also work for renowned designers. But like I already said, you need to be imaginative.

● You could apply for your internship as a makeup artist. You can apply to well-known salon chains. You can become a well-known cosmetologist by doing an internship in a reputable beauty salon.

How to apply for the internship?

Students must send a request letter and CV to their preferred fashion store or designer to apply for an internship. You must be precise when writing your CV while describing your career goals and the industry in which you wish to complete an internship.

Your employment experience can be listed on your resume, which can help you. Students are urged to get in touch with their institute's internship coordinator for the finest internship opportunity.

Don't just lounge about the house whenever you take a break, whether it be for the summer or the winter. To learn more about the fashion industry, apply for an internship.

Your ideal internship may be your first step to securing your first job

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