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Computer Science & IT Internships

Computers have completely changed how we interact with the world in just a few short decades. Computer science is one of the most globally interconnected areas due to the practically instant communication between any two sites on the planet.

No matter where in the globe a technological advance occurs, students pursuing a career in the rapidly evolving field of computer science must keep up with it and we at TAG are here to support you with this.

The best approach for students to break into the field of computer science & IT and discover how different nations and cultures use technology to enhance their daily lives is through international internships at tech companies in the rapidly developing IT sector.

Be prepared to employ both scientific discipline and business-focused inventiveness, regardless of whether you intend to pursue a career in IT, programming, computer science, or another area related to the tech sector.

If you want to enhance people's lives in the same way that some of the most important and influential companies in the world have done, an internship can be a crucial first step to not only sharpen up your resume/CV, but also to network with your current (and future) peers.

Computer Science and IT internships

Obtain global experience working for cutting-edge tech companies that are influencing our future. By joining a cutting-edge organisation of seasoned IT experts, affordable Computer Science internships allow you to develop cultural intelligence. Moreover, broaden your worldwide network, and refine crucial soft skills.

Global Computer Science internships are tailored for students, recent graduates, and young professionals. To meet specific career goals or academic requirements, regardless of your passion for machine learning, coding, data analysis, Internet of Things, virtual reality, e- learning, or software development.

We, at AfI, provide remote computer science internships for people who want the flexibility and independence of working from home and setting their hours. As well as international IT internships for those who wish to combine experiential learning with an international trip.

List of computer science & IT internships abroad

1. Front-end engineering internship:

You will gain knowledge on how to create a website's or application's front-end, or user- facing, portion, throughout this internship. You will learn how to test and debug your creations as well as write code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. Back-end engineering internship:

You will gain an insight and exposure on how to create a website's or application's back-end (usually the server side portion that is not publicly accessible), or where all the functionalities and logics reside, throughout this internship. You will learn how to build logics, algorithms, test and debug web applications as well as write code in JavaScript, Python, Django and many other languages.

3. Full stack software engineering internship:

Full-stack developers combine the two above-mentioned concepts to create both the front and back ends of a website or application. You'll learn as an intern how to streamline technology processes to produce effective digital goods that benefit both the customer and the company.

4. E-commerce assistant internships

A committed individual that is eager to support the department's mission is what we are seeking in an eCommerce Assistant. If you are just starting in the workforce, you may join the digital and electric vehicle revolution and help create a greener and better society.

5. Content writing internships

We predict that switching between mobile apps will become obsolete shortly. Our goal is to completely transform how we type on and use mobile devices. We are bold individuals who adore our work and are constantly willing to take things a step further. You will be exposed to as much as you want to study while working with a motivated team eager to impart their knowledge.

6. Community support interns

We predict that switching between mobile apps will become obsolete shortly. The goal is to completely transform how to type on and use mobile devices. You will be exposed to as much as you want to study while working with a motivated team eager to impart their knowledge.

7. Administration & Finance internships

We are a brand-new tech start-up and a fresh face in town. We have the good fortune to have assembled brilliant minds that can accomplish this. We think that the special team we have is the basis for building something amazing. We provide our clients with the exceptional opportunity to develop native mobile apps without any coding.

8. Office manager & facility internships

With the help of a network of private investors and a team of specialists, possibilities are improved via the collaboration of company leaders and entrepreneurs. Who has a vision for the future and is challenging conventional business methods.

An elite group of investors, founders, entrepreneurs, and those in charge of corporate innovation can work in a welcoming and adaptable atmosphere thanks to the stimulating surroundings.

Workshops and monthly gatherings are organised where we exchange experiences, viewpoints, and words of wisdom to support one another.

9. Marketing co-ordinator internships

A diversified, international workforce from our organisation works in a hectic setting. As a constantly expanding business, we welcome the addition of new team members. We are seeking individuals that are driven by innovation, keen to think forward, push boundaries, and willing to take chances and go above and beyond.

10. Community manager & social media internships

Our philosophy is built on innovation and going above and beyond what other beauty brands are doing. In 2008, they began creating items for other businesses, but it wasn't until 2015 that we began to establish our brands. They currently sell more than ten brands of cosmetics all around the world. Due to their growth, they are seeking new members for our team, particularly in the thriving digital industry to draw in a larger audience.

What do computer science interns do?

In a computer science & IT internship, you'll gain real-world experience and have the chance to collaborate with groups of IT specialists. Some of the interns' responsibilities can be:

Skills you need for computer science & IT internships

One of the key abilities you'll need as a computer science intern is teamwork. Most of the time as an intern, you won't work independently and will instead collaborate with other IT experts, such as other interns, computer programmers, and computer engineers.

1. Technical expertise

You'll require computer systems and programming knowledge, such as a working knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and Python, in addition to your degree. Microsoft Power Point proficiency, as well as knowledge of hardware and software, should also be present.

2. Workplace abilities

As a computer science intern, you'll work and communicate with your team and clients, thus you'll need good communication skills. With other co-workers, you might discuss ideas and goals, and you might be asked to provide verbal project updates.

3. Experience

Although you won't require prior work experience in the industry to work as a computer science intern. It will be helpful to have certain life skills. It helps to have the appropriate training and technical needs.

Benefits of computer science internships

You will receive practical experience working with computer experts if you pursue a computer science internship. This experience can be added to improve your resume for potential opportunities. You can network with other interns and professionals to increase your chances of finding employment in the future.

Following your internship, you might receive a job offer from the company you worked for, and if you're still in school, you might even be able to get college credit for it.

1. Acquire work experience

Your internship may help you choose the area of computer science that you wish to work in. You can investigate your alternatives by doing an internship in programming, web development, or software development.

2. Discover more about the sector

While you can develop a strong academic basis in computer science through education. An internship will assist you to comprehend the specifics of working for a business or industry.

Interview tips for computer science internships

Finding out more about the business could help you land an internship in computer science if you apply and were invited back for an interview. Examine the company's website and make a list of any interview-related questions you may have. Get ready to talk about your aspirations for your career.

Be ready for common interview questions like "what are your biggest accomplishments?" or "what is your worst weakness?" Pay attention to your qualifications and why you'd be a good fit for the organisation.

Be ready to provide informed responses because the interviewer will probably ask you some technical questions regarding computer science.


When looking for a computer science internship, search job boards, and schools. Create a resume that shows your experience and qualifications. Include your schooling and interests, as well as any programming languages and coding experience you may have.

Improve your skill set with a Specialisation in Python, C, and C++, other programming languages, or Fundamentals of Computing to raise your chances of being accepted for an internship.

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