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Entrepreneurship and Start-up Internships

Expand your global network and learn fresh approaches to working on cutting-edge projects in quick start-ups, adaptable organisations, and cutting-edge businesses. By joining a cutting-edge organisation of seasoned entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship and start-up internships allow you to develop cultural intelligence, broaden your worldwide network, and refine crucial soft skills.

The Apply Group (TAG) is a fast-growing start-up itself, and understands the journey students are recent graduates make, from school, to university and all the way to employment, via a successful internship.

The business internships are tailored for students, recent graduates, and young professionals to satisfy specific career goals or academic requirements. Whether you're looking for a taste of entrepreneurship, economics, or international business.

This remote business internship is for individuals who want the flexibility and independence of working from home and setting their hours. As well as international business & start-up internships for those who wish to combine experiential learning with an international trip.

Entrepreneurship and start-up internship

The term "start-ups" has no clear definition. They are frequently linked to a culture that moves quickly and a particular mindset. Because of the fluid nature of the work, interns usually become involved in numerous projects. Teams are also much smaller, allowing interns to form close relationships and gain more exposure to the business.

When looking for internships, it's a good idea to bear in mind these start-up characteristics! Be ready to be adaptable and assume control of actual tasks. Entrepreneurship and Start- up internships might not be as widely publicised as other opportunities. Look into business accelerators, firm websites, job fairs, and a range of other tools to start your search!

It could be simple to lean toward bigger, more established companies when looking for interns. But wait a minute! Smaller businesses give interns the chance to do meaningful work, complete their projects from beginning to end, and immediately impact the business.

The star-tup experience will give you hands-on work and exposure that may be difficult to gain in other industries, even though you are forgoing the major brand name on your CV.

How an internship abroad can kickstart your entrepreneurial journey

Most of the time, especially in business, the saying "imitation is the highest form of flattery" is accurate. Many Indian entrepreneurs have copied and modified successful ideas from well- established corporations abroad to meet Indian wants.

Thus, Big Bazaar was the Indian equivalent of Walmart, Starbucks had to contend with Café Coffee Day in India, Flipkart was influenced by Amazon, Ola was the Indian equivalent of Uber, and the list goes on.

Tracxn, a start-up analytics company, found that for every established business in the US, several start-ups have emerged in India that have been highly influenced by their US counterparts.

The exposure to various cultural environments shared by the creators of these firms has helped Indian business people develop cutting-edge products that they subsequently introduce to the domestic market. But even though the services provided by these businesses may be comparable to those of the original ones.

They have set themselves apart by modifying existing offerings and developing new ones specifically for the Indian market resulting in the ideal fusion of innovative ideas from across the world and India.

Here is how cultural exposure that you get during your internship abroad can help foster innovation:

Practical experience

You will gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to launch and manage your own business by working as an intern for an international company. Additionally, you will be able to cope with individuals with various backgrounds and talents, making you a more inclusive leader.

Step outside of the box:

When you travel, you open up your mind to new possibilities, which helps you come up with creative solutions to circumstances and issues. This inspires innovation and originality, two traits that are crucial for an entrepreneur.

Expand your network

One of the finest outcomes of an international internship is the relationships you will create while there. Friends, your employer/university, co-workers, people you meet while travelling, and the locals will all support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

How to become your boss through internships

Every entrepreneur must have a starting point, the creative spark that ignites a fantastic concept, which later develops into a business. There are countless inspirational tales of kids who overcame their fears and went on to become leaders on the internet.

But how can you get in the correct mindset to think creatively and generate ideas that will result in profitable start-ups? Immersion in a culture other than one's own and learning via adaptation are both significant ways to do this. And undertaking an internship abroad is a fantastic way to do that.

By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you will be able to identify your strengths, learn how to handle challenges, and generally improve both personally and professionally.

Why intern for a start-up abroad?

People who want to work in the start-up industry are not the only ones who can intern at a start-up. Regardless of the job route you choose, it can be a worthwhile internship experience.

Work in a small group

Working with a small team on an internship with a start-up means having lots of opportunities. You will frequently discover that you are collaborating directly with team members who make decisions, or even the CEO or founder(s) at many businesses. Since there are fewer people on the team, your voice and opinions will be heard!

Try out different jobs

Interns frequently wear numerous hats, which can be a terrific way to try out different responsibilities while you're on placement. Use this chance to learn about a topic unrelated to your degree or past studies. You may use all of these experiences as excellent talking points in interviews for your next internships and jobs.

Develop important talents

Another excellent point to keep in mind is the fact that many professional trends lag behind start-ups. This could entail acquiring today's start-up role's hottest job skills. In other words, you may be lightyears ahead of the competition by taking on a function that is currently only seen at start-ups but could become conventional in a few years.

It's fun- so enjoy it!

Yes, you are working and gaining experience as an intern at a company, but it can also be a lot of fun. Working for a start-up can put you on a team with ambitious individuals who want to leave their imprint on the world. Early-stage firms sometimes operate out of coworking spaces or start-up accelerator hubs that house numerous businesses and provide members with free networking and educational opportunities. You'll enjoy the lively environment!

After your internship, are you able to work for a start-up overseas?

After your internship, you can work for a start-up overseas! An internship with a start-up in another country may result in an employment offer from that business. A start-up frequently invests in a recent or upcoming graduate. Keeping interns on the team can be beneficial, particularly if the business is booming.

Working for a start-up can be unpredictable. Before your internship ends, it's possible that the start-up you're working for obtained new funds and expanded its operations. On the flip side, they can run out of money and be unable to offer you a long-term position.

In either case, you can take advantage of the experience as a chance to network and establish new relationships that could be beneficial to you in the future. See if you can build on the momentum from your internship to obtain a full-time job in your new foreign city if you wish to continue living and working abroad and your visa permits it.

Take the time during your internship to network with people outside of your co-workers by attending industry events and local start-up meetups. Start-up hubs and accelerators in those important start-up cities frequently hold events that are free or inexpensive. Finding your next employment and getting to know other start-up employees can be done in this way.

3 internship programs at start-ups abroad

How to apply for an international entrepreneur & start-up internship

The application procedure will differ based on the internship, but you can anticipate submitting a CV. If selected, take part in an interview with the prospective program or firm, if you wish to intern for a start-up abroad.

Make sure to highlight any prior experience you may have had working abroad or in start-up environments on your CV. When applying internationally, be sure to research the appropriate resume format and style for that region. For instance, it's customary in some nations to include a photo of yourself on your resume or CV.


A fantastic approach to combine travel and valuable professional experience to strengthen your resume is to intern for entrepreneurship and start-ups abroad. Few university students have the chance to study abroad, and even fewer have the opportunity to work professionally abroad.

Working for a start-up abroad is an exciting approach to launch your career, whether it’s in support of an entrepreneur or become one yourself. Working remotely is on the increase, if not the norm already, and flexible work circumstances are top priorities for employees. So a virtual internship may not just be convenient, but also an even more realistic experience of the role(s) you intent to pursue in the future.

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