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Virtual Urban Planning and Architecture Internships Abroad

Urban planning and architecture are interesting and in-demand professions in part because of the ability to plan and create a building, city, park, and much more.

Interns in the urban planning and architecture employment field can assist with a variety of projects, such as CAD work, creating sample boards, performing technical analysis, assisting community development, and more. As they take on business support work and tasks specifically related to urban planning or architecture.

Moreover, participants who want to broaden their experience supporting city planning, and technology applications to development, architectural firms, and environmental agencies will be able to work for start-ups and established consultancies, firms, and mid-sized companies.

Urban planning and architecture internships

Any aspiring architect should take advantage of a virtual urban planning and architecture internship as a great way to obtain practical experience in their chosen field, grow their professional network, develop their talents and build a portfolio.

You can get right into the thick of the architectural process by applying to an internship programs in the US,UK, Australia, Europe and Canada. You can hone your current talents and learn new ones by working on a design team.

Additionally, you might apply for an international internship program to obtain even more advantages by travelling the world. There are internship opportunities in architecture available in government, construction, engineering and architecture firms around the world.

What do urban planning architecture interns do?

You will assist the current team as an urban planning and architecture intern in creating models, drafting paperwork, creating building requirements, and other tasks. Additionally, you'll discover a lot about how an architectural firm is conducted as well as project management.

You'll collaborate with engineers and consultants, work with clients, create presentations, design, draft, etc. There are numerous options and positions from which to choose. Your precise role will depend on the organisation to whom you submit an internship application.

Benefits of Virtual Architecture Internships

1. Give industry exposure

The internship is one of the first steps in the long road that young people must take toward a professional career. It will also enable them to meet their expectations about the career they selected, and assess the reality of the workplace. Moreover, begin to build a network of contacts, and increase their expertise in particular areas.

2. Enhance your CV/resume

Real-world experience is crucial for a person to understand social reality and establish a connection to their field of expertise. It will help you gain more experience, provide you the option to apply for companies with higher hiring standards in the future, and it will give your resume a meaningful trajectory.

3. A doorway to new possibilities

If you select an internship program carefully following your chosen architectural electives and perform exceptionally well. You may be able to establish a relationship with the company where you completed your architectural internship or obtain a positive first work experience that will help you enter the workforce.

4. Develop a range of skills

A person, typically a student, needs professional practice to develop their abilities and attitudes toward a certain career or job, demonstrate everything they know, and learn a little bit about their industry. The training will also aid in the development of soft skills.

5. Establish a path for your career

Programmes in architectural internships offer an additional experience that will later be extremely beneficial in the real world of work. Professionals with experience will direct and oversee these professional practices incorporated into the study curriculum.

So that the student is aware of their participation in the practices, what they learned from them, and their value as a professional future of that particular sector, the organisation makes a report and gives the student the pertinent note at the end of them.

Types of virtual internships in urban planning and architecture

1. Building construction internships

The planning and construction of structures, most of which are located above ground level, fall under the purview of building construction. You can gain hands-on experience in the design of residential buildings, retail establishments, or office buildings as an intern in the building construction industry.

2. Interior design internships

We look to interior designers to integrate technological design with aesthetic and artistic elements. Foreign employers are constantly looking for interns in the field of interior design.

3. Landscape architecture internships

The practice of landscape architecture focuses on the reconstruction or modification of an unbuilt environment. Planning and designing parks, sports facilities, and gardens are some examples of this. Aspects such as science, technology, and economics must be considered in addition to aesthetics.

4. Urban Planning internships

Urban planning involves the design and development of large building communities or neighbourhoods. Since every nation has its own opinions and requirements regarding the layout and design of its cities, an internship in urban planning might be extremely intriguing if it is completed abroad.

When to apply for urban planning and architecture internships?

Whether you are a student of architecture or have just graduated, as well as when you are prepared to start working, will determine when you should apply for internships.

As a general rule, try to begin your search for a job three months, or more before you plan to begin your urban planning and architecture internship. A month or so after the interview, start applying to the companies you shortlisted, and be prepared to start working.

Give yourself a few weeks before applying for internships to finish and review your CV, resume, personal statement and portfolio.

Which country is best for urban planning and architecture internships?

Your long-term goal of obtaining the licence and working as an architect in your country of residence will determine where you choose to complete your internship.

Working abroad has disadvantages that you must weigh if you want to get your licence as quickly as possible.

However, if your plan calls for something different and you want to take advantage of working as an architect abroad, add these top nations to your list.

How to get an urban planning and architecture internship abroad?

In most nations, applying for an urban planning and architecture internship is quite similar to applying for a career in the field. However, there are obstacles in the regions where you hunt for internship vacancies; however, with a little web research, it is not difficult.

If you already know the company you want to intern at, your strategy would be simple: check the website of the company for contact information, or you might give them a call to ask.

Although the main job portals in each nation are different, if they are in English, you might research them.

How much do paid urban planning and architectural interns make?

Interns in architecture typically earn $45,041 annually. The bottom 10% earns around $35,000 annually, compared to the top 10%'s $56,000. (source). Your actual compensation may differ from these amounts.

It is an entry-level position, so don't anticipate making a lot of money right away. Concentrate on acquiring the kinds of experiences you'll need to advance as an architect and obtain your licence.


It's great to reach this stage in your development as an architect and decide on an architecture internship.

Make sure you have all the appropriate paperwork prepared before applying for internships. This includes a cover letter, resume, and design portfolio that have been specifically tailored to each vacant position and company you intend to apply to.

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