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International Development, NGO & Charity Internships

Looking for an internship in international development, NGO & charity. An internship at international development, NGO & charity is a logical choice if you're thinking about a career in the non-profit sector.

You'll get a sense of what a typical workday would be like and be able to decide if this is the right job for you. Additionally, networking opportunities exist throughout the industry.

However, if you have quite different professional aspirations, an NGO internship might also be a wise choice because working for a small-scale charity has some inherent advantages. Of course, there's also the wonderful aspect that, while you're gaining professional experience, you're also advancing society.

The term NGO stands for a non-profit organisation. They work on a range of problems. Every student should choose to intern with these companies. It's because these organisations give young students a lot of opportunities to gain expertise in numerous disciplines.

Additionally, for students in a variety of professions, working as an intern for an NGO helps them create a strong resume and search for a decent job in the working world.

International development, NGO & charity internship

For interns interested in foreign affairs, global concerns, political science, and social effect, the subject of international development and NGOs provide special prospects. These kinds of postings will give interns an awareness of significant problems, laws, and projects in their host country.

Regardless of the host organisation's area of expertise, which may be on languages, cultures, or international economics. Interns will also have first-hand knowledge of how an NGO operates as well as the challenges and constraints they deal with every day.

You get the opportunity to work on a range of problems and causes during a non-profit internship. Some of our most well-liked internship placements are with international development, NGOs, and charity and several of the program sites offer fantastic options. Experience with NGOs and non-profits can be a wonderful starting point for jobs in government, law, and psychology.

Animal rights, immigration, domestic abuse, women's rights, environmental advocacy, and other global issues are just a few of the many subjects covered by internships. We will try our best to match you with an employer who supports the cause you care about. For additional information, read till the end.

What to expect on an internship in charities and NGOs

Interns in NGOs and charities employ a variety of abilities to advance their chosen causes. Whatever your background, the industry has something that will spark your interest.

You might be learning about grant writing and policy creation, or you might be shadowing a volunteer coordinator, depending on the company you join. Working for a non-profit ensures that no two days are the same.

In this fast-paced industry, charities must remain adaptable to respond to the shifting needs of their communities. So, you might find yourself juggling conflicting agendas. Your best advantages will be your judgement and time management abilities.

There is a lot of possibility for high job satisfaction in this area because the employment choices are diverse. Your abilities and experience will be crucial in advancing the cause of your organisation, regardless of whether you decide that fundraising or research is where your heart lies.

Benefits are:

1. It improves professional abilities.

A non-profit internship is not a simple task. An intern must carry out a variety of daily tasks as a result, at the end of the internship, they will have gained a wealth of experience in a variety of sectors.

2. It promotes personal development.

It is claimed that one is either a trendsetter or one is not. Only a select handful are capable of it, and the others are content to follow. As a result, many people perceive a lack of supervising traits in them and withdraw. People who want to develop this quality in themselves should work for an NGO.

3. It offers flexibility for implementation.

Young minds are incredibly enthusiastic. As they mature, they have a great deal to contribute to making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. They can put their ideas into practice and see them through to completion through NGOs.

4. It inspires humility.

During their internships, NGO interns will acquire humility. At least in the world of today, it is a rare quality. A person needs it desperately to be grounded.

Tips for finding awesome NGO internships abroad

You will get the inside scoop on short-term summer NGO internships abroad and gap years, undergrad and graduate programs, paid and unpaid development, NGO & charity internships abroad, and other placement choices. For advice on locating fantastic NGO internships abroad, continue reading.

1. The competition is intense.

Every year, the NGO industry gets bigger. Organisations are growing and multiplying, and international NGO activity is more well-liked and appealing than ever. Travellers are frequently drawn to the field as well since it gives them the chance to alter the world, help those in need, and observe first-hand how positive change is being made everywhere.

2. Limit your choices.

What do you find interesting? Or what or where interests you? Depending on the tensions in the region, many NGO types operate abroad in every nation. To limit your alternatives, it's critical to think about what motivates you and the change you want to see.

3. Display your expertise.

Young people in their twenties with specialised abilities who desire to work abroad in poor nations are uncommon. It's crucial to highlight your skill set if you're thinking about NGO internships overseas. Especially if you have training or expertise in a certain industry.

4. Your entry into the field is through a virtual internship.

It is crucial to be familiar with the sector if you work in the NGO sphere. If you want to work for an NGO both domestically and overseas without a master's degree, you will undoubtedly require a lot of industry experience.

Getting involved in voluntary work and internships is the best method to build your resume and get knowledge of the industry. It's a crucial stage in the NGO career path and both unpaid and paid NGO internships abroad. Let you view the field from a different angle and through the lens of a different culture.

5. The battle is abroad!

No matter where you complete an NGO internship, from the UK to the USA, Australia to Africa, and everywhere in between, jobs in this field will surely span international borders. Even if you have a master's degree in a topic linked to NGOs and a specific skill set. It's frequently essential to work in a developing nation outside of your own country to secure a paid position with an NGO.

Popular development, NGO & charity internships abroad

Are you already prepared to begin your internship with an abroad development, NGO & charity? Nice! The following are a few of the suggested courses for international development, NGO & charity internships:

Next steps to development, NGO & charity work abroad

Don't start packing yet! You should cross off a few tasks from your development, NGO & charity internship to-do list initially.

● Decide when to go. Find out what time of year—and for how long—you want to intern abroad by carefully examining your calendar.

● Pick from the top international internship programs. Consider the testimonials of previous participants, the standing of the program or firm, the setting, and your ease of settling in. If you want the REAL dirt, some suppliers might even provide you with the contact information for former interns.

● Make a financial plan. Before you go, organise your ongoing funds so you can pay for daily necessities and indulgent travel expenses. Do your research to obtain an estimate of how much your daily expenses while working for an NGO abroad will be, then get to work figuring out how to pay for your global internship.

● Become ready. It's fun to get ready for an internship abroad. It can be simple to forget the specifics as the time to depart gets closer and your excitement rises. We're here to support you while you go through your pre-departure procedure, so rely on us.


Are you prepared to start your career in development, NGO & charity work overseas and make a difference? Hell yeah! Internships with international NGOs are competitive, but they are well worth the time and effort if you intend to work in this industry after graduation.

They will not only be a great experience, but they are crucial in demonstrating to employers that you are a serious candidate.

This advice can help you secure the ideal development, NGO & charity abroad internships to launch your career. Whether you're looking for undergraduate, graduate, summer, or long-term assignments.

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