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Internships in Health, Wellness and Sports Management

With a health, wellness & sports management internship abroad , stand out from the crowd! With the diversity of sports management internships offered by global experiences, you can gain useful experience in the global athletic scene.

Internships in international sports management , among other fascinating prospects, are available in the sports industry. In many of our host cities, internships in sport management are available.

The job field of health, wellness, and sports management offer interns the chance to improve the lives of others by assisting them in overcoming a variety of health problems, leading active lifestyles, taking part in recreational activities, and more.

Expectations for interns include exposure to industry jargon, project cycles, and schedules, as well as typical assistance and issues that businesses deal with.

Health, wellness & sports management internships

The sports culture of a nation can be one of the most passionate and exciting parts of living abroad, as regular travellers are aware. Internships in sports or sports management can give you unrestricted access to a new arena of national or regional pride.

Whether focused on cricket, football, or dozens of other sports, from game day activities to national sports heroes. Along with improving your engagement, international contacts, and the chance to travel to a different region of the world are all benefits of sports internships.

Healthcare is no longer seen as a problem that should be solved by individual nations. A disease outbreak in Bangladesh may, in 24 hours, be present in any of the major cities across the world because of contemporary transportation. The new strategy, global health, is, therefore, more inclusive.

A healthcare internship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will not only prepare you for a career in a profession related to medicine. Meeting locals who most need your assistance will give you a completely fresh perspective on the world. Who knows, you might develop ties right away that endure a lifetime.

Whether you're conducting field research in Peru or working at a clinic in Uganda, an international internship is a fantastic way to bolster your resume and gain practical experience. All experience and education levels can find a medical internship. Let AfU, a part of TAG, help you to secure a great internship overseas and bolster your chances of career success.

Types of Sports Internships?

1. Work experience in a Sports Company

A sporting goods factory, for example, offers internships in a variety of departments. There are several options, ranging from marketing to controlling the manufacturing of new goods. Additionally, organisations that plan events and international competitions offer internship possibilities.

2. Media Sports Internships

Work as a media intern for a business that specialises in sports, sports journalism, or sports marketing. Here, they write about (professional) sports teams, athletes, and sporting goods producers, or they create specialised sports publications.

3. Internships as a Sports Instructor or Trainer

As a sports trainer or coach, you could work at clinics or rehabilitation facilities in addition to sports clubs. You can also love motivating aspiring athletes while teaching a sport. Sports instructors in schools coach pupils in multiple sports and have a broad base of sports knowledge.

4. A Health Insurance Company Internship

Students who are interested in sports are needed to help create new fitness programs and other health promotion strategies, for instance, in the field of health insurance.

Reasons to secure a virtual internship in Sports:

It's exciting to work in the sports sector. It's great to be a part of the activity, the sport, and the industry. You might not create the magic behind the scenes that keep those sporting events, television productions, or teams successful on the field with outstanding athletes every day; instead, you might be in an office or a stadium

Applying what you have learned in class and making informed career decisions that will position you for a successful career in sports will be made easier for you by doing an internship in sports management under the guidance of seasoned, professional mentors.

The sports business is expanding and needs enthusiastic interns like you, whether it be on the field or in the background.

Gaining experience in this sector virtually is an excellent way to take your first steps in getting an insight and glimpse of weather this industry is the right match for you.

Who can take a sports internship abroad?

We just have a few simple requirements for our internships, which are extremely flexible:

Learn more about the operation of our internships.

Health, Wellness & Sports internships are best suited for college or university students who are majoring in the following subjects:

When can I take a Virtual Internship?

Virtual international internship programs are usually offered all year long, with 2-week minimums. To fit your schedule, we provide flexible start dates. We can tailor an internship to fit your specific goals, whether you're looking for a summer internship abroad or are between opportunities and would like to broaden your worldwide experience.

We also offer year-round remote internship programs with flexible timing. There are several online program alternatives available, ranging in length from 100 hours to 250 hours. Since these internships are entirely online, you can complete them from anywhere in the globe or at home. See how it functions.

What type of work can I take part in?

The kind of sports work differs depending on where you go. No internship role in this interesting profession is the same as any other because every sports internship we provide is unique. The internship program enables you to teach physical education through predetermined sessions and educational support if you'd prefer an internship in a school environment.

The internship program enables you to work in the community and the educational system at various ages for a variety of NGOs and private schools.

List of Internships in health, wellness & sports management

Here are internships for students pursuing a master's in sports management. To compete for vacant opportunities in the field of sports management, candidates must hold a Master's in Sports Management degree.

It might be challenging for graduates of reputable sports management programs to locate the kinds of management jobs they were trained for. Here is where an internship can help increase a graduate's prospects of success.

Finding a good internship in Health, wellness and sports management might occasionally feel competitive, like you're competing for a paying job. This is because businesses, teams, schools, and agencies much prefer to hire graduates who have completed internships than those who have not. Here are some possibilities that could eventually make looking for a job lot simpler:

1. ESPN Domestic Intern Opportunities

The most well-known brand in the sports industry is likely ESPN. Most sports management students and even former athletes dream of working for ESPN in some capacity in the future. Finding a full-time, high-paying job may be challenging, but getting an internship is the ideal place to start.

2. World endeavours Global Openings

Finding a job overseas through World Endeavours gives sports management students even another chance to put all of their classroom learning to good use. Students can increase their self-assurance and get a global perspective, which will greatly benefit their resumes. Even better, roughly half of the job advertisements allow interns to receive academic credit.

3. College Internship Programs

Colleges with strong athletic departments or schools offering programs in sports management frequently have chances. Although it is not required, it increases the likelihood that students will be accepted into the program.

While most people would prefer to intern at a Division I institution, Division II institutions offer the same opportunities with significantly less competition.

4. Diversity Internships

A distinctive program that supports graduate study in association management or healthcare management is the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Diversity Internship. Through this three-month internship program, students gain practical experience in each of the key ACHE areas.

5. Internships in Health Consulting

They provide a distinctive internship opportunity in medical consulting. Candidates must have outstanding academic standing and be enrolled as full-time students in a business field (including healthcare administration) or a comparable degree. The year after graduation, they must be able to start working full-time.


One of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the world is health, wellness, and sports management . A career in this profession entails engaging in a variety of promotional activities for goods or services connected to sports, recreation, or physical activity. These activities may involve organising, planning, promoting, leading, fundraising, controlling, budgeting, and assessing.

Work directly with athletes, coaches, teams, and organisations in the future after finishing your internship in health, wellness, and sports management, or work behind the scenes as a promoter, marketing manager, sports scout, or sports adviser.

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