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Virtual Internships in Real Estate

In addition to law, banking, marketing, insurance, and other professions, real estate is a sizable and vibrant sector. Real estate includes the sale of any land improvements, including houses.

A strong economy, which depends on encouraging housing and land ownership, is built on this sector. Every day, new agents are granted licences, but only a small percentage of them stay in the industry for longer than two years.

An international real estate internship can provide aspiring agents with a significant advantage when they enter the workforce. When choosing your brokerage, experience with a reputable organisation and expertise in a variety of marketplaces are both very desirable qualities.

You must read our article if you are thinking about applying for real estate internship positions. Here, we'll explain how to secure a real estate internship and outline the training you may anticipate.

Real Estate internships

A significant and vital part of the global economy is real estate. It becomes a major source of wealth and opens up employment chances for economic growth by investing in it.

A real estate internship is a fantastic method to break into this industry. It will improve your foundation and job expertise while opening up a wide range of opportunities for you. Along with developing your analytical abilities, you will also acquire a distinctive perspective. It is a terrific approach to improve your resume as well.

What a real estate intern does

Any internship in real estate will have a well-organised curriculum with broad obligations in addition to unique yet different intern responsibilities. Working closely with an agent, you will receive direct training.

The expected responsibilities of a real estate intern are listed in the list below:

These are just a few of the assignments you will receive. Be ready to handle everything because interns might be asked to complete different tasks at any time. That involves occasionally running arbitrary errands.

What you'll learn from an intern in real estate

Building your reputation and image as a professional during your real estate internships is quite beneficial. Your career as a real estate agent will be made or broken by your capacity to acquire and apply these abilities.

However, if you work hard and are given the correct instruction, you might learn more through real estate internships than you ever could from a real estate school.

You can always get practical experience with the numerous costs associated with closing a contract through internships. For instance, while the majority of buyers and sellers are uninformed of closing expenses, you should be.

1. Management of time

For the majority of agents, real estate is their daily life. Their schedule is extremely busy and includes a lot of client meetings, showings, research, open houses, etc. Additionally, their timetables may be more rigid the larger their clientele.

You must prioritise the jobs as an intern so that the agent can complete them quickly. Since you'll probably be the one scheduling all the meetings, you need to make sure the agent arrives at the appropriate times and starts and ends on time.

You'll quickly start internalising this and be able to handle a tight schedule on your own without getting stressed out.

2. Become adaptive

Real estate agents enjoy adhering to the guidelines and procedures that they are familiar with, just like any other seasoned employee. The majority of businesses are hesitant to make adjustments since traditional marketing and new, contemporary marketing does not mesh.

Therefore, as an intern with new ideas, you must learn to reach an agreement with the boss. The interns' suggestions won't always be embraced easily, and they can even be rejected without cause.

Clients experience the same thing. The majority of customers are adamant about what they want, so you must accommodate them. The equipment or working hours you recommend might not be used, therefore the experience you gained from presenting your ideas to your prior supervisor may be helpful here.

3. Control clients

You will encounter a sizable customer as an intern working for a large company and observe how professionals engage with them differently. You will learn how to handle these clients on your own by observing them and interacting with them.

Building ties with your clients will teach you how to judge them more accurately. You'll quickly develop a second nature for understanding what makes people tick, what characteristics they are prepared to compromise on and what they are not, and what kind of spender they are.

Some of these individuals might even choose to work with you in the future. Therefore, creating a direct pipeline with them is crucial right now. And the internship will provide you with the ideal opportunity to do so without placing too much burden on your shoulders.

4. Get deal closing skills

Human behaviour may be incredibly unpredictable, thus real estate agents who are skilled in sales should be able to sway people's attitudes in their favour. You will gain a very detailed understanding of what you should and shouldn't do throughout this internship by observing how your managers or clients behave, speak, or move.

Although real estate colleges can teach you the fundamentals of negotiating, the reality may be very different. And if you require hands-on instruction, think about contacting skill coaching providers. For instance, you can succeed in the real estate business by learning sustainable negotiation skills.

5. Recognising contracts

Many contracts that real estate agents must read through may look like legal speak to people without a background in the subject. For those who have only backgrounds in business or finance, this is especially true.

As a real estate intern, you will have to read through a lot of intricate contracts to get the essence of them and spot any inconsistencies or potentially risky sellers' loopholes. You can obtain the best contracts for your customers to sign because they have a lot of faith in you with their money and dreams.

The majority of interns have a lot of paperwork to deal with, which exposes them to a lot of jargon and develops their analytical skills to discover the best properties. If you are a novice and working by yourself in the real estate business, it is impossible to accomplish this.

Real estate internship career possibilities

Like many internships, your responsibilities will range from administrative work to taking orders for coffee and lunch to returning phone calls and scheduling meetings. But by accepting obligations and giving them your all, you can advance.

You will obtain skills and experience during your internship course that will help you stand out from the competition. Additionally, your sales confidence will rise.

For instance, someone with an interest in finance analysis may already possess some managerial abilities. And doing so might subsequently enable you to advance to the position of the senior property manager. In addition to becoming a Regional Property Manager or Director of Property Manager, a finance analyst can also do so.

Before taking on the responsibilities of an Account or Project Manager, an intern who begins as an analyst can advance to the positions of consultant or manager. Later on, they might become employed as Relationship Managers, Portfolio Managers, or Corporate Account Managers, for example.

A law clerk might start as a consultant, executive assistant, or adjunct professor before becoming a director of talent acquisition, an assistant account manager, or a commercial manager.

Starting as an Account Executive, you can advance to become a Client Relations Manager or an Inside Sales Account Manager.

Leasing directors, real estate management specialists, and commercial property managers can all start as office assistants.


You now have all the knowledge you require to motivate yourself to look for and apply for that real estate internship. Your career can benefit much from it, and now that you are aware of what to do and what to anticipate, you are better equipped to handle any curve balls that may be thrown your way.

Whether you have a degree in business or political science, this internship could be the first step toward your goal of becoming a real estate magnate.

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