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Engineering Internships

Internships in engineering are available all over the world because by its nature the industry is international. Think of a passenger jet, for instance. Italy may produce the airframe, the UK the wings and the engines, Japan the electronics, France the landing gears, Australia the control surfaces, the United States the assembly, and Kenya the client. Even the most basic things can represent dozens of nations!

Locally and globally, more engineering companies are going global. They have businesses in various nations and promote cultural diversity in their backyard. You will be exposed to and need to show an understanding of a global style of thinking and acting from day one in any engineering organisation.

An engineering internship abroad would undoubtedly give you an advantage over other applicants in this highly competitive job market and we at TAG (The Apply Group) are here to support you to land that ideal work placement.

You will acquire abilities such as management, communication, cultural sensitivity, and, of course, technical, practical, and industrial skills, which university degrees may not always be able to offer. Additionally, you may take in all of this while enjoying yourself while exploring and becoming immersed in a new culture!

Engineering internship abroad

Finding an internship that provides real-world experience can be challenging for university students because engineering is a very competitive employment field. For you to gain practical experience working on significant engineering projects and the professional experience you need to launch your career, Global Experiences combines qualified interns with businesses.

Look through our locations and placement samples to learn why our engineering internship program is such a worthwhile experience as not all of our host cities provide engineering internships.

Although the global economy may be experiencing difficulties in some nations, there is still a high demand for experienced engineers. Wherever you want to work in the globe, having an engineering degree from a foreign country that is based on real-world, hands-on experience will make a huge difference in your employment prospects.

An internship is one of the best methods to add that real-world experience. However, how can foreign students go about selecting the best one? Learn how to locate an engineering internship and how to apply for one in this post to increase your chances.

What type of internship are you looking for?

Since engineering is a fairly broad field, you must first specify your goals. What areas of expertise do you have? Which discipline is engineering—civil or mechanical? engineering in electrical or industrial settings? What you decide to do will influence what you do throughout your internship.

A civil engineer might, for instance, design specifications, inspect the construction of roads or bridges, or undertake CAD drafting. In a laboratory for chemical technology, a chemical engineer will be employed. You may get the opportunity to test software, create programs, or work with network technologies if you major in computer engineering.

The company you wish to work for will also be determined by this, whether it be a transportation company, a construction company, or a telecommunications company.

Read our subject guides below to learn more about each area of engineering:

Finding an engineering internship

Your university's career centre should be your initial stop. They can also assist you with your application, cover letter, and resume. They might be able to arrange a placement for you.

Engineering students in Australia can apply for industrial placements through the Co-Op Scholarship program. The fourth year of study is when these placements, which are also offered at other universities, take place. You'll spend nearly a third of your whole degree program working in the industry.

Graduates with internship experience will typically have no trouble finding employment. Your professor or tutor may be able to assist you in acquiring an introduction to a particular company when all it takes is that. They may also have suggestions for how you may use your thesis or area of expertise in a certain industry.

Engineering students in the UK are encouraged to apply for internships in all areas of study. Students pursuing a master's degree in computer science at universities now have to do an industrial internship as part of their research. This enables firms like Accenture Technologies, BMW, GlaxoSmithKline, and Microsoft to use cutting-edge technology in the real world.

You must speak with their recruitment office directly because certain internships are not externally published. Find out which organisations have a program and which ones you would like to work for by doing some web research.

Make careful to research any application deadlines, and customise each cover letter for the individual business.

In your application, be persistent and demonstrate your passion and initiative. Additionally, you must be organised; begin your search for an engineering internship six to eight months before you intend to begin. Do not be frightened off by the concept of cold calling; sometimes only picking up the phone and requesting the internship coordinator will result in an interview.

On the internet, there are numerous ways to find an internship. You can list your interests on networking sites like LinkedIn and observe what occurs in your network if you do that first.

Additionally, there are specialised employment boards for internships. Just make sure you are aware of all the requirements for confirming your internship.

Preparing for the Interview

It is tempting to believe that the hard work is over once you land an interview, but it has just begun. Make sure you thoroughly investigate the company's website to learn about what they do, who their main clientele are and even the organisational structure.

Find out the background of the business and what the current employees have in common with you. Finding some points of agreement during the interview is a great method to show that you will be a great fit for their company.

You don't have to spend the entire interview asking questions about the company because you've already done your background research on it. Instead, focus your inquiries on the function of the internship you would be undertaking.

You can learn more by asking questions like, "Can you describe a typical day for an intern at your company?" to get a better understanding of what it entails. If the answer to this is on the company website, it might make more sense to ask a different question, but you should still try to learn more about the position.

Prepare your response to the "when can you start?" question. Make sure you are quickly available if at all possible since this may give you an advantage over other applicants. If you are driven, skilled, and a good fit for the company, why wouldn't they want you to start right away?

If at first, you don’t succeed

Try again and again. You probably won't get the internship of your choice, but you must keep applying. Even if there aren't any internships listed, start considering the places you'd most like to work if you find yourself out of possibilities. You can demonstrate how determined you are to obtain the best internship by getting in touch with a business and offering to be their first intern. You might just come to the ideal location for your engineering career as well!

Whatever kind of engineer you want to be, an internship will ensure that you develop the connections you need before you graduate and put you on the road to success around the world.


The changes mentioned above will enable you to learn more about the working conditions in various nations. You must have a good education to be qualified for these internships, even though they are not opportunities that come your way easily.

The vast majority of them are distributed to students who are presently enrolled in universities abroad. To receive a top-notch education and foreign experience, you can study abroad, but managing costs on your own might be highly expensive.

Therefore, we advise you to take out an education loan to pay for all of your study abroad expenditures. However, applying for an education loan directly through the banks can be a difficult process. So, we at TAG advise you for an Engineering Internship abroad as this will maximise your options for your future employability.

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